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Permitted Development Rules allowing larger house extensions Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield


Rules governing house extensions came into effect on 30th May 2013 increasing the size of single storey rear extensions allowed under Permitted Development.

The size limits are double those allowed before 30th May 2013 and householders can now build a single storey rear extension 8m in length for a detached property and 6m in length for a semi -detached or terraced property.  These new larger extensions must go through a neighbour consultation scheme.   

Your Local Planning Authority must be notified in writing with a description of the work, plan etc.  The LPA will then notify adjoining neighbours and they have 21 days to object to the proposed work. If none of the owners of any adjoining properties object to the proposed  development, then the LPA will confirm that prior approval is not required .  If there are objections then the LPA will assess the impact of the proposed development on the amenity of all adjoining premises (not just the adjoining premises which are the subject of representations), and must take into account all representations made as a result of the consultation letter.  To be able to make this assessment, the LPA may require the developer to submit further information.

It is important to note that -  if none of your neighbours complain, the Local authority will inform you that the proposed work is allowed under A4 – larger extension criteria but  they will not assess whether your proposed scheme fits under Part 1 Class A criteria for extensions under Permitted Development .  It is important, therefore , to be absolutely sure your scheme fits within the Permitted Development Criteria


You can read more on our Permitted Development page or download our free Permitted Development guide, or contact us on 0121 314 5333.