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Building Regulations plans drawn and submitted - Birmingham

Building Regulations extensions and roof trusses Building Regulations in Birmingham

Building  Regulations are a legal requirement that apply in England & Wales and are aimed at achieving minimum standards for most aspects of a building's construction, energy efficiency in buildings, the needs of all people, including those with disabilities, in accessing and moving around buildings.

The process of applying for Approval under the Building Regulations is an entirely separate process from Planning Permission. To achieve compliance with Building Regulations,  full and detailed plans of your proposed extension, together with the appropriate application form and fee must be sumitted to Building Control. EasyPlan Birmingham will handle the whole submission and approval process on your behalf.

We will also advise Severn Trent Water authority if the extension is to be built over a sewer as various guidelines need to be adhered to in order to comply with Building Regulations.


Do I need to make an application?

In most cases, it will be necessary when extending a building to ensure that everything done complies with the Building Regulations. Unless the planned extension is a porch, conservatory or detached garage built at ground level and has an internal floor area of less than 30m2, it's likely that Building Regulations will apply.

Building Regulations Application

Building control surveyors will examine the plans to guarantee that they comply with the Building Regulations, and will approve the project. Your builders are required to notify the council when building work commences and at various stages throughout the project site inspections will be made to ensure that work, such as laying foundations, damp proofing and installing drains are carried out to standard. A final inspection will be made upon completion of the extension, and a certificate of completion will be issued. This document should be kept with the deeds of your house as it will be required, should you move house in the future.

Further information


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